Banned tobacco leaves, zarda seized at Carnic

Port Blair
11 Apr 2017

In its endeavor to curb the menace of  illegal possession, sale, transportation etc of zarda and tobacco leaves, the Nicobar Police recently seized two Speed Post parcel containing 34 kgs of tobacco leaves booked from West Bengal. The police team of PS Car Nicobar arrested the consignee Nimai Chandra Mondal son of Late Kartick Chandra Mondal of M/s B.S Vegetable Shop, resident of Big Lapathy while he was receiving the parcel at the Post Office and handed him to Smt. Kusum Rai, Food Safety Officer, Car Nicobar for initiating legal action.
Earlier, Police team of PS Car Nicobar recovered 48 pouches of banned Zarda from the possession of Smti. Nellie James, resident of  Kinyuka village, Car Nicobar & 40 pouches of Banned Zarda from the possession of Mangal Jana son of  Shri Laxman Jana C/o Shakti Builders, Car Nicobar  while they were receiving their parcels from Post office, Car Nicobar which were deported covertly to Nicobar through Speed Post on 09/03/17 and 01/04/17 respectively.
Besides, Nicobar Police have also seized 11 pouches of banned zarda from the possession of Jackson son of  Shri Judicus (20) resident of  Perka, one  pouch from the possession of Inlam son of Shri Jerome (25) resident of  Perka and two pouches of banned zarda from the possession of Ashok Kumar Mondal son of Shri Narayan Mondal (50) resident of  RDS Project, Labor Camp, IAF on 29.03.17 & 30.03.17 respectively. All the above  recovered articles and the persons were handed over to the Food Safety Officers for further  needful action. The general public have been hereby cautioned to abstain themselves from the illegal trade/possession of  banned zarda & tobacco leaves.