Bhajan Album released by CS

Port Blair
26 Mar 2018

A new bhajan album titled ‘Ram Samaya Saare Jag Mein’, a collection of 8 Bhajans sung by Island’s renowned singer Mr. Anant Ram and written by Kavi  Narayan Agarwal ‘ Das Narayan’ of Mumbai was released by the Chief Secretary, Mr. Anindo Mazumder, at a function held at Andaman Club on 24 March 2018. Kavi  Narayan Agarwal was a special guest. The Secretary, Deptt. of Art &Culture, Mr. Neha Bansal also attended the function . Congratulating Mr. Anant Ram for the album, the Chief Secretary said there is no dearth of talent in these Islands. He said and urged everyone to encourage such talents of the Islands. Mr. Das Narayan while speaking on the occasion congratulated Mr. Ram for successful compilation of an Isles singer’s release of the Bhajan album. Mr. Ram said the bhajans was recorded by Kolkata based music company namely Nirjharer Swapna a Govt. Company attached with Prasar Bharati, he has been registration with PPL, general public can listen the bhajans internationally through Prasar Bharti and other digital Media. Mr. Ram also presented three bhajans from the album, Ram Kalsh hai amrit jal ka, Nit Nit pap kare tu prani and Ram samaya saare jag me to the delight of the audience. The function was organised by Ankur Social and Cultural Society in Collaboration of department of Art & Cultural A&N Admn.