Bio-toilets installed near Secretariat create crappy condition for people

Report by: 
Port Blair
26 May 2017

Despite efforts of the administration to achieve total sanitation under the Swachh Bharat Mission, installation of bio-toilets to aid public health and sanitation has failed to yield desired results as open urination continues unabated near the administrative headquarters due to poor maintenance of the facilities.  Installed by the civic body at the parking lot near Secretariat and the Zilla Parishad, South Andaman building, the two bio-toilets are marred by lack of maintenance as overflowing excreta and foul smell emanating from the facilities have become an eyesore for hundreds of visitors to the government institutions in the region.
According to reports, two bio-toilets were installed, one each for male and female, months ago under the Swachh Bharat Mission to address the shortage of public toilet in the area. However, the concerned agency of  the local administration has failed to ensure proper maintenance of the facilities. “These toilets are not cleaned regularly and the stench emanating from the facilities deter people from using them. Lack of water facility, clogged plumbing fixtures for defecation and urination in the bio-toilets have become a scourge for people who visit Secretariat, Zilla Parishad Office, Railway Ticketing Counter and other nearby offices. Those, who still use the facility, are practically risking their health,” said some people speaking to EOI. 
“Even as health experts claim that access to toilets is key to sanitation, the civic body, it appears, has decided to foil the Prime Minister’s bid of a Swachh Bharat by 2019. Installed after spending lakhs of money from the government exchequer, poor maintenance of the bio-toilets near the Zilla Parishad office exposes the apathy of the agencies concerned. Due to the poor state of the facilities, people urinate in the open spaces available near the office buildings. The civic body should take a serious note of the situation and deploy adequate number of sanitary staff to ensure daily maintenance of the bio-toilets,” said some others.