Boozing in full public glare rampant at Mohanpura Market

Report by: 
Port Blair
22 Feb 2017

Boozers squatting on open spaces holding plastic glasses enjoying their drink unmindful of the surroundings and also the set of  rules, which prohibit drinking at public places, have become a bane in some parts of the city. While alcoholism is ruining the younger generation of these islands, public boozing is denting the image of this beautiful city. Mohanpura, for instance, has become boozers' haven as the liquor outlet in the middle of the sprawling market here provides an ideal locale for indulging in public boozing. Citizens, flocking the region that houses an expansive vegetable and fish market, bus terminus besides a number of commercial outlets, are exasperated over the uncouth activity as dealing with drunkards is always hard even for the toughs.
According to reports, an open space behind the Mohanpura Vegetable Market here has become an ideal place for chronic drinkers, who take no hesitation to guzzle a drink for a dream start to their day irrespective of the surroundings. Taking a round of the city’s main market any time even during broad daylight, one can find chronic drinkers first lined up at the ANIIDCO outlet for grabbing their bottle and immediately without wasting much of their precious time standing in the open public space behind the Mohanpura Vegetable Market pour their drinks in plastic glass and drink hurriedly. Such elements never bother about the location for their revelry as also the law that prohibits drinking in public places. Shoppers, commuters and traders alike become victims to their lewd comments often in the region as also rowdy behavior at times. “Law enforcement agencies should ensure a total curb on such anti-social activities in the busiest market of the town. We feel offended entering into the vegetable market here particularly when with our families. Females are the harried lot as they fear being affronted by some rude comments by these harmful elements,” lamented a shopper at Mohanpura.
Another pedestrian at the market echoed similar grouse while expressing dismay over mushrooming of roadside drunkards at the Mohanpura market area. "The threatening looks and demeanour with which they stare at passersby, deter them from passing through that route. We would think over a hundred times before bringing our family members to this market. Habitual drinkers, who indulge in such acts, should also realize that it may land them in the clutches of addiction. Moreover, the garbage discarded in the place like plastic glasses, bottles  etc is thwarting the Swachhta efforts of the civic body and the local administration.”