BSI Regional Centre celebrates foundation day

Port Blair
31 Mar 2017

The premier research organisation in the field of plant taxonomy and floristic studies in the country the Botanical Survey of India celebrated 45th foundation Day on Thursday.  The function was inaugurated by Dr. Lal Ji Singh, Deputy Director & HOO. Dr. Singh speaking on the occasion applauded the progress made by Andaman & Nicobar Regional Centre which was established on 30th March 1972 in persurence to Regional Centre expansion of Botanical Survey of India, established by the British Govt. in 1890 and after its establishment the centre is continuously working `towards survey, conservation and propagation of the valuable plants wealth of Islands. Scientists of this centre discovered over 116 species as new to science from these islands including recently described unique species of banana, living fossil and dinosaur age tree species of naked seeded plant, zingibers and others economically important species.  Dr. Singh, Deputy Director also emphasized on research activities of  this regional centre on plant biodiversity and the intensive botanical explorations and authentic documentation of flora of the Islands enriching the herbarium and the museum of the Centre. He told, among all the units of BSI, Andaman & Nicobar Regional Centre holds the credits of covering one of the remote and insular floristic hotspots of the country.
Specially invited retired staff of the centre, Smt G. S. Lakra, Smt Bilkish Begum, Mr K. Paparao, Mr Lawrentus Kiro, Mr Linus Tigga and Mr Telosphore Kispotta shared their experience.  The program was conducted by Mr Gautam Anuj Ekka and Dr. Jagadeesh Ram TAM proposed the vote of thanks.