Building owners advised to maintain safe distance from HT/LT electricity lines

Port Blair
8 Jun 2018

It has been reported that in different areas of Port Blair buildings are constructed without maintaining safe distances from High Tension / Low tension electricity lines, which is very dangerous to human lives. As per Indian Electricity Rule following minimum safe distance to be maintained from HT/LT lines while constructing of houses/buildings (permanent or temporary):
Clearance from buildings of LT lines: Where a low or medium voltage, overhead line passes above or adjacent to or terminates on any building (permanent or temporary), the following minimum clearances from any accessible point, on the basis of maximum sag, shall be observed:-
For any flat roof, open balcony, Varandah roof, lean to roof, pitched roof, when the line passes above the building a vertical clearance of 2.5 mtrs. from highest point and when the line passes adjacent to the building a horizontal clearance of 1.2 mtrs. from nearest point.
Clearance from buildings of HT Lines: Where a high or extra high voltage overhead line passes above or adjacent to any building or part of a building it shall have on the basis of maximum sag a vertical clearance above the highest part of the building immediately under such line, of not less than 3.7 mtrs and horizontal clearance between the nearest conductor and any part of such building shall, on the basis of maximum deflection due to wind pressure, be not less than 1.2 mtrs.
The general public have been hereby requested that while constructing the houses / buildings, proper clearance to be maintained from HT / LT lines to avoid electrical accident. If anybody is violating these instructions, the department shall not be responsible for any accident or loss of property.