Bus Stand bedlam becomes common at Bhatu Basti

Report by: 
Port Blair
6 Jun 2017

With passenger buses mainly those run by private agencies not halting at designated stops, commuting has become a problem in the city.  Commuters in different parts of the city,  mainly thickly-populated areas like Bhatu Basti are forced to suffer problems as bus drivers, in their rush to overtake their counterparts, halt as per whims and fancies even at places not designated as Bus Stops. Passengers frequently fall victims to road  accidents  running helter-skelter to catch buses for their destinations. Scenes of private buses parked haphazardly inviting passengers in front a prominent hotel at Bhatu Basti have become rampant these days. But law enforcing agencies have apparently failed to stop the practice which poses threat to lives in the city roads. 
“Traffic chaos has become the order of the day at Bhatu Basti as the practice of  parking buses in front of Hotel Karpagam continues unabated. Despite a designated Bus Stand located about 50 mtrs away from the present spot, bus drivers halt their vehicles in front of the hotel for several minutes inviting passengers. They only depart after the next passenger bus arrives at the spot and the chain continues from early morning to late evening hours. Many passengers, who wait for the earmarked Bus Stand, fail to board the bus and can be often seen running towards the hotel. Such disorderly parking of  buses goes out of control in the morning hours from 6 am to 8 am when traffic cops remain off duty,” said some residents of Bhatu Basti.
“I fell down while trying to board a bus here recently. The driver before giving me time to board, accelerated to overtake another bus in the same route. The bus drivers have become habituated to such rash driving in the city. They compete among themselves to generate more money and passengers are left to suffer. Passengers remain confused as to where the bus will stop and are often seen running after the buses. Random parking on the road also leads to traffic snarls particularly during rush hours. The authorities concerned should immediately intervene and issue order instructing bus operators to halt at designated stops,” said a woman commuter speaking to this Correspondent.