Campus Bird Count event concludes

Port Blair
28 Feb 2017

As part of  Great Backyard Bird Count, a four-day “Campus Bird Count” was conducted here  recently. The Great Backyard Bird Count is an annual event organized by Bird Count India. Four Campuses were covered in the event i.e. JNRM, ANCOL, CIARI and ANET in which the Nature Club, Department of Zoology actively participated. Altogether, 25 JNRM students and Dr. Vivek Kumar Sahu represented JNRM, while the other participants were from Andaman Avian Club, CIARI and ANCOL.
During the Campus Bird Count, 30 avian species were recorded. Of these some are common species distributed all around our campuses but few were rarely sighted species such as Black Crested Baza. 7 individual were counted at ANCOL Campus while night survey was done at ANET centre for nocturnal species. Out of four Species of owls found in Andaman and Nicobar Islands one was sighted and two species identified by call only. This year 5 more species were reported that were not seen last year. Our students got the chance to interact with field experts and showed their interest to choose bird watching as hobby.