Caution sounded on police recruitment

Port Blair
23 Jun 2018

Instances have come to the notice that during recruitment by the various police forces in the country some people might try to project  that they can use their influence to ‘fix’ the recruitment. The modus operandi of such conmen is to accept  money from some gullible candidates on the pretext  that they shall be able to use their influence to get them selected. However, no individual or organisation is in a position to exert  any such influence on the recruitment process of A&N Police. All members of the public and all candidates are warned not to be misled and cheated by such cheats. Strict legal action shall be initiated against any such cheats.
The A&N Police recruitment process is absolutely fair, transparent and based on merit.  The public, as well as the candidates are advised that if they have any such information about such cheats they may give this information to SP (CID) on 03192- 233307 or SP(Anti-Corruption) on 03192-240840 or SP(HQ) on 03192-230841. The information shall be kept strictly confidential and the informant shall also be suitably rewarded.