CBSE school teachers invited to create innovative content on classroom teaching

Topics for classes I to XII *Weightage in CBSE Teachers Awards *15th October Last Date
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Port Blair
20 Sep 2018

Under the initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development and National Council of Teachers Education to address the need of a digital national platform for teachers named DIKSHA, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has invited teachers of CBSE affiliated school to create innovative content on classroom teaching for uploading on the Diksha portal. In a recent circular, the Board asked Heads of all CBSE Schools to encourage their teachers to appear on the national platform by grabbing the opportunity and contribute their best content to DIKSHA, which can help a large base of teachers across the country and consume the solutions offered by DIKSHA.
As per the circular, content is to be prepared on topics covered under curriculum of classes I to XII and teachers whose contribution of content is selected for upload on DIKSHA will be duly recognized by assigning due weightage in selection Criteria of CBSE Teachers Awards finalized henceforth by CBSE. Further, these teachers may be chosen to be a part of CBSE’s national content creation team.  For creation of content, interested teachers can choose a topic of their chose and if the chosen topic is too big to explain in a go, they can consider breaking it into multiple sub topics. Reference videos on the CBSE portal depict how the topic is explained in a conceptual way by showing it using materials or other relevant artefacts and some of the teaching-learning elements that are part of the reference content. Teachers have been asked to keep the length of the content within 2 to 4 mins, use materials/artefacts to “SHOW” the concept as much as possible, do some research on the topic by looking at other videos online or by reading about the topic and its concept, write and practice the script with materials/artefacts before shooting the video, record the video in a quiet environment and ensure ample light on the focussed materials, try to add text or title overlay in the video (during, before, after) which can assist the learner towards better understanding. Teachers should upload completed videos on Youtube and after uploading the video, he/she can fill in details in the online form on the given link - The last date for submitting entries is 15th October 2018 and further queries can be obtained over email at, said the circular.
Content on DIKSHA will be licensed under CC-BY, CC-BY- SA and CCBY- NC licenses, which allow content to be replicated/edited (for translation into other languages, adding subtitles). Make sure that you do not copy any images, text, videos, animations created by someone else that may have copyright violations. Any violations of copyright laws will be the responsibility of the concerned content contributor. Any disputes will be settled by the respective parties. CBSE/ DIKSHA bears no responsibility for this. Please also note that selection of content for uploading on DIKSHA will depend on several criteria including quality of content, quality of video, simplicity of explanation, fitness for viewing for any age and fitness of viewing on any device like Computer, smartphone, Tablet, TV, etc. Selected videos would be considered for uploading at DIKSHA portal of the Government of India.