Children’s Park of Hudco Colony cries for attention

Report by: 
Port Blair
17 Apr 2017

The abysmal condition of a Children’s Park in a prominent residential colony of the city stands testimony to perpetual apathy of the authorities in ensuring proper maintenance of  public facilities. The Children’s Park at Hudco Colony in School Line was beaming with activities for several months after it was established. But due to the neglect of agencies, the Park currently bears a deserted look with almost all play equipment turning rusty and the area becoming home to wild bushes and creatures.
According to reports, children thronged the Park after its inauguration. Swings and other play equipment in the Park remained the major amusement source for children of the residential colony besides adjoining areas for initial few months. Elderly residents relaxed at the location. But presently, no one dares to venture close to the Park. “Routine maintenance of the Park was ensured for the initial few months after its inauguration. A number of play equipment were installed at the Park for the benefit of children. But for reasons better known to the authorities, the Park has been  lacking maintenance for years. Almost all equipment  have rusted and the Park has become home to the wild. Even venomous snakes have been spotted in the Park premises,” said some residents of Hudco Colony.