CIARI distributes TLF rice seeds to farmers in South, N&M Andaman

Port Blair
11 Jun 2018

The ICAR - CIARI  along with the Krishi Vigyan Kendra South, North &  Middle  Andaman and  Department of Agriculture, A & N Administration  has launched frontline demonstrations of  promising high yielding varieties of rice at  North, Middle &  South  Andaman during its Seed Day celebration recently involving PRI members at selected location in an area of 0.40 ha each. Altogether 17 quintals of TLF rice seeds of high yielding rice varieties were distributed which will cover a total area of 85 ha. and subsequently  enhanced both  the Seed Replacement Rate  (SRR) and Variety Replacement Rate (VRR) in the area in due course after adoption. The first  such programme was inaugurated by Pradhan, Mr Satish Singh as the chief guest  at Rangat, in presence of  Pradhan, Dasratpur, Nimbutala, Parnashala, Nimbutala,  PRI members  and a large gathering of 142 farmers representing 16 Panchayat  covering 64 villages  including Long Island. The chief guest appreciated the effort taken by the team in providing the promising varieties of rice in time with its technical knowhow & dohow.
Dr. S. K. Zamir Ahmed Principal Scientist  and  Co-Nodal Officer  sensitized the participants on the objective of  transfer of technology from Lab to land in FLDs mode  jointly  and   introduced the  seed  chain linkage by farmers to farmers  as extension methodology  to strengthen the availability of seeds by the farmers, for the farmers for the next  kharif and likewise leading to its spread to the peer groups.  The rice breeders Dr. P.K. Singh Principal Scientist & Nodal Officer & Dr. R. K. Gautam Principal Scientist and  C- Nodal Officer spoke in details on the  significance of TLF Rice seeds of High Yielding Rice Varieties of CIARI and also clarified  the practical constraints and rice farming issues out of their experience.  Beside the Co- ordinators Dr.  Jaya Kumaravaradan, Scientist ,Dr. B. L. Kasinath, Sr. Scientist & Head, Mr B.L. Meena, SMS  (Agro.), Mr Basantia  SMS (Hort.), Dr. Sailesh Kumar SMS (Fish.), Er. Manoj Kumar SMS (Agri. Engg.), Mr Tanmai Paul Farm Manager, Mr Shyam Sunder Rao, Mr M.N. Das and Mr Navashakti, Agriculture Officer  interacted  with the farmers in participatory mode during the session.
On  June 7, second programme on Seed Day for  technology application in FLD mode was  conducted at Sundergarh Gram Panchayat with collaboration of KVK, South Andaman and Dept of Agriculture.  Dr. P. K. Singh, Pr. Scientist, Dr. R. K. Gautam, Pr. Scientist, Dr. S. K. Zamir Ahmed, Pr. Scientist and Dr. Vardhan, Scientist, Dr. Nagesh Ram, Sr. Scientist and Head  and Dr. L. B. Singh SMS ( Hort ) as Coordinators  and Officials from Dept. of Agriculture were the experts  during the lecture cum interaction programme delivered for the benefit  of growing HYV of Rice and resolving  farming issues. Around 40 farmers  attended and got benefitted. Overall the programme was organized by ICARI-CIARI, Port Blair and coordinated by ICAR-KVK, Nimbudera, & Port Blair in collaboration with the Department  of Agriculture, A&N Administration under the guidance of Dr. A. Kundu, Director, ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair.