CIPMC holds HRD prog. for farmers, NGOs

Port Blair
13 Feb 2018

A Human Resource Development Programme on IPM for Farmers & NGOs was conducted recently at Panchayat Hall, Neil Kendra Gram Panchayat, Neil Island, South Andaman where Mr Ramakrishna Biswas, Pradhan, Neil Kendra G.P. was invited as chief guest and Mr Provas Ranjan Mandal, Principle In-Charge, GSSS, Neil Island was present as guest of honour. Mr Daniel Antony, JAA; A&N State Agri. Dept., Dr. K. Natarajan, Tamilnadu; R. Kumaresan, Senior Sub-Editor & S. Yoganathan, Director from Pasumai Sigaram Trust; Mr T.K. Biswas, TO, GKMS, NRM, were also present to address the gathering.A total of 13 Officials and 54 nos. of participants registered for this programme, out of which 08 Officials from Gram Panchayat & State Agri. Department and remaining 46 were farmers.
On the first day, Mr S.K. Mandal, PPO(E), CIPMC, Port Blair welcomed all the participants present on the occasion followed by Pre-evaluation of the Participants in terms of their knowledge about Integrated Pest Management and briefly discuss about IPM. Mr Ramakrishna Biswas, Pradhan gave his views on HRDP and emphasized on adoption of IPM, use of bio-pesticides, clean cultivation and other organic practices. Mr S.C. Bairagi, APPO discussed how chemical pesticide and fertilizer became an integral part of our farming community. He also discussed on disease management on rabi vegetable crops. Mr V.K. Gupta, APPO(PP) described about Seed Treatment, Nursery Management, Manure & fertilizer management, Cultural Control methods. He also discussed on Preparation of Vermi-compost, Role of Biofertilizers, Rodent management techniques to the gathering. Mr Dibyendu Das, SA discussed on Weed Management, Nematode Management, Water management and a brief on Mechanical and Biological control measures. Mr Provas Ranjan Mandal, Principle In-Charge discussed on usefulness of these type of programme in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and urged the farmers to shift to organic cultivation. The days programme ended with interaction with the farmers and vote of thanks by D, CIPMC, Port Blair.
On the second day, Mr S.K. Mandal, PPO (E) welcomed all the participants and described different components of IPM viz; cultural, mechanical, behavioral, biological and need based chemical measures for sustainable farming. Dr. K. Natarajan elaborated the techniques related to biopesticide preparation with 10 leaves along with cowdung and cowurine. Mr S. Yoganathan discussed on production process of Panchya Gobya and elaborated the usefulness of Panchya Gobya to restore plant vigour, pest management in plants & livestocks and as well as manure preparation. Mr S.C. Bairagi, APPO described about indigenous method of pest control with homemade preparation of 5% NSKE. Mr V.K. Gupta, APPO demonstrated the role of pheromone trap, Light trap, Yellow sticky traps to monitor and manage Brinjal fruit & shoot borer, Aphids, Jassids, Whitefly, Fruit flies and other insect pests. Mr Dibyendu Das demonstrated biopesticide preparation from neem plant and sprayed on Chillie for management of Mealy bug and whitefly. In the concluding session, field identification of pests and natural enemies of different vegetable crops and Agro Ecosystem Analysis were demonstrated. Mr D. Das, SA involved the participants in the field survey, drawing & depiction of insect pests and natural enemies and expressed vote of thanks to all the participants to mark the end of the programme