CITU dharna to press for demands of working class

Port Blair
12 Jun 2017

Centre of Indian Trade Unions, Andaman and Nicobar State Committee  organized a mass dharna from 9am to 04 pm, after dharna a massive procession and public meeting today at Port Blair  demanding settlement of  various demands of the workers working in government and private sector. The procession which started from Tiranga Park in the evening  made a round of the town, including the office of the Chief Engineer office APWD at Port Blair, converged into a public meeting at Tiranga Park, Aberdeen Bazar.
Hundreds of workers from various departments under the Administration and private sector joined the procession. The demands in pursuance of which the procession and public meeting  organised were (1) Immediate Revision of Minimum Wages for Schedule Employment (Minimum Wages is due from March, 2014 in A & N Islands) (2) Grant 1/30th of pay plus DA to all DRMs in APWD as assured by the Chief Secretary on 25th January 2017, (3)  Fill up all vacant posts in various departments under the Administration, (4) anti-working class attitude of the Labour Department, etc. Addressing the meeting at Tiranga Park, B. Chandrachoodan, General Secretary, CITU State Committee  said that even after the change at the Centre nearly 3 years ago, the plight of the poor workers in the islands continue to be the same and said that the central government and A & N Administration are least bothered about the problems faced by the workers.
He said that the Administration has  not taken any step to revise the  minimum wages of  workers in the schedule employment even though the revision was due from March, 2014 as the  last revision was done in March, 2009.  A. Boominathan, president, CITU State Committee demanded immediate grant of  1/30th of pay plus DA scheme to DRMs working in APWD. Sreekumar, General Secretary, Non-Gazetted Govt. Officers’ Association explained the delaying tactics  to resolve the demands of central government orders including the delay in revising the minimum wages.
At Diglipur, the dharna and procession was orgnised at Diglipur bazaar which culminated in a public meeting. Hundreds of workers participated in the procession.  The programme was led by Shri Madan Mohan Das, Secretary, CITU Zonal Committee.  CITU A & N State Committee. At Rangat, the  procession was taken out at Rangat bazaar. P.K. Krishnadas, Secretary CITU Zonal Committee and Shri Karuppaiah, Secretary, ASNVMS addressed the gathering.  
At Kadamtala, the procession was taken out under the banner of ASNVMS at Kadamtala Bazar.  Smt Shipra Paul, CITU leader led the procession.  At Baratang, the  procession was taken out at Baratang bazaar  which was led by Shri  Jayakumar and Shri Daniel Aint of the Baratang Forest Workers’ Union and Smt Gulshan Bibi (ASNVMS). At Little Andaman, the  procession was  taken out at Hut Bay Bazar which was led  by Shri Rajesh (ASNVMS). At Car Nicobar a huge rally was taken out at the Headquarter area which was led by  Shri  Vishwa.  At  Nancowry, the procession was  taken  out at Kamorta which was led by Shri  Elaya Raja (ASNVMS).  procession was taken out at Katchal which was  led by Shri Rakesh (ASNVMS).  At Campbell Bay,  the  procession was taken out at  Campbell Bay bazaar  which was led by  Shri Dandapani of ASNVMS.