City Beats

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Port Blair
12 Sep 2017

Volleyball Court project hangs fire
Open spaces in the city used by children and youth as playgrounds having been sacrificed in the name of development over the past few decades, delay in execution of projects committed by the Municipal body to develop such facilities has started creating resentment among the urban population. On March 1 this year, the Chairperson of the Municipal Council, Mr B Eswar Rao, laid the foundation stone for construction of a volleyball court near Sulabh toilet, Haddo. But six months after the foundation stone was laid, no construction work has been initiated at the location. “Development of a volleyball court is not a project which entails huge expenditure of funds. But for reasons best known to the authorities, the work for construction of the court here is yet to see the light of the day. Youth here expect that the Council will take a note of the situation and initiate steps for early completion of the project,” said some Haddo residents.

Coconut shells stall ‘Swachhta’ mission
With mercury levels up, sale of tender coconuts has registered a surge in different parts of the city. The Municipal Council has allocated spaces to vendors to sale tender coconuts, but huge amount of garbage generated from tender coconut shells has become an impediment for the smooth implementation of the Swachh Bharat Mission. Heaps of tender coconut shells were found discarded in the open at Junglighat on Tuesday. Local residents claim that the left-overs of coconut remain unattended in the area for days together.
“Coconut shells are very tough and it takes a long time to disintegrate naturally. Moreover, the empty shells easily become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If the shells can be shredded into mulch, it can be converted into something useful. The mulch can be used to tend to the trees that have been planted on the hillsides as it very useful in retaining moisture and also prevents soil erosion. The Municipal Council  should issue appropriate directions to the coconut vendors to dispose of empty shells before shutting down their business on a daily basis,” said some Junglighat residents.

City’s roads under repairs
Immediately after rains subsided, the Municipal Council initiated steps to undertake repair and maintenance of the city’s road network, which suffered extensive  damages in the past few months. Workers of the civic body were on Tuesday seen filling potholes using bitumen, stones and road rollers in different parts of the city. According to reports, the renovation work will be carried out in other parts of the city soon. Almost every road network in the city suffered damages in the rough weather that prevailed for the past few months and people using motorcycles and scooters are finding it difficult to drive through the battered roads.