Report by: 
Port Blair
26 Dec 2017

Nocturnal miscreants rampage at Japan Road

Sudden surge in cases of petrol thefts and damage to roadside parked vehicles is giving sleepless nights to residents of Dairyfarm.  According to reports, some unidentified persons damage vehicle parked on the road at Japan road, steal petrol and later vandalize the vehicles. Even reports of anti-social elements engaging in activities like ganja smoking in the thick of the darkness has surfaced from the region. Residents of the area are demanding intensified police patrolling during night hours in the region. In a recent incident, an authorickshow owner found the petrol pipelines of his vehicle broken and fuel stolen from this vehicle. Miscreants even damaged seats and other parts of the auto. “Such vandalism by miscreants has increased in the recent days. Residents here are having sleepless nights. I refuelled my motorcycle with petrol for Rs 300 last night but found the tank  empty today morning. The police should take strict action to nab the troublemakers,” said a  Japan road residents.

Two more rickety power poles replaced in city

Drawing appreciation from residents, staff of the Electricity Department replaced two more rickety and precariously tilted electricity poles at Japan Road, Dairyfarm recently. The newly installed poles with adequate height brought huge relief for the motorists in the area who were earlier troubled  by insecure poles with numerous electrical fitting and dangling high tension wires in the densely populated region. The installation of the power poles at Dairyfarm region is being carried out by 15 mazdoor led by Junior Engineer, Mr Prasad. “Most of the electric poles here are either damaged or have outlived their life and has become major cause of disruption of power supply. The Electricity department should continue the drive and replace all dangerous power poles in these islands,” said a local resident.