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Port Blair
29 Jun 2018

Garbage, plastic clog major drain at Mohanpura

Officials of the Municipal Council claim to make the City Clean and endeavour to removing the plastic and other garbage struck up in the major drains in the city, but the situation near the main office of Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour Works (ALHW) here stands testimony to the indifference of the authorities towards proper implementation of the cleanliness mission. For the past many year, rain water inundation has been a concern for the population at Mohanpura area, the commercial hub, but the civic authorities have cared two hoots to redress the issue.  “Tonnes of garbage generated in this area is being dumped at the major sewage drain near the ALHW office. Drains choked with waste and indiscriminate dumping of plastic and garbage is the major reason for rain water inundation here. However, the civic body has failed to embark on remedial measures. One of the major projects of the APWD to develop a proper sewer network in the city still waits to see the light of the day,” said a Mohanpura resident.

More potholes in city being fixed
In its bid to provide relief for the urban population, the Andaman Public Works Department and Municipal Council pressed are continuing their efforts to fix pothole laden stretches in city. Since rains subsided, the agencies deployed men and materials in different parts of the city to fix pot-holes on the road stretches causing inconvenience to motorists in the city. On Friday, this Correspondent found workers mending road at the crucial Bengali Club Junction. “As told earlier, we have been waiting for the rains to slow down. Like in other parts, our team is working round the clock to fix potholes across roads in the city. With wet mix, road roller and asphalt, we will ensure that the craters don’t surface again,” said an APWD worker. EOI recently reported that in just two weeks after onset of monsoon, residents in the city are back to dealing with the annual headache of potholes on the roads here. Most of the arterial roads were found left in a bad shape forcing commuters to suffer bumpy rides, accidents and traffic jams.