Report by: 
Port Blair
18 Jul 2018

Swachhta goes for a toss in Junglighat

Making a mockery of the appeal by the civic body for ‘Swachh Bharat’ and exposing non-serious approach of citizens, shopkeepers and street vendors towards the ongoing cleanliness drive under Swachh Bharat Mission, heaps of garbage can be seen lying scattered in different parts of Junglighat region. During a random visit, this Correspondent found garbage at many spots of Junglighat particularly in the area near the vegetable and fish market. At one location, garbage was found unattended for days, while at another, empty coconut shells were noticed dumped along the roadside. “Though the civic body spends lakhs of rupees on just sanitation and cleanliness, it has probably failed to inculcate good practices among citizens. Apart from ensuring timely disposal of garbage from different parts of the city, the civic body should conduct surprise checks to track down people violating the swachhta laws. Empty shells easily become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and the Municipal Council should issue appropriate directions to the coconut vendors to dispose of empty shells before shutting down their business on a daily basis,” said some Junglighat residents.

Commuters vent ire over battered road at Prem Nagar
Despite complaints by local residents, delay in repair and renovation of the battered and pothole-laden road stretch near the Hindu Burning Ghat at Prem Nagar is causing untold hardships to road users. Used by hundreds of commuters on a daily basis, the road stretch pockmarked with numerous craters has become a source of torment for motorists and pedestrians as many of them suffered fatal falls in the recent. However, the authorities concerned in the district administration have so far failed to initiate steps to provide respite to the strained population. “The road stretch full of pot-holes and craters makes journey cumbersome for the commuters. The road is extremely bad shape and motorists find it difficult to negotiate numerous craters on the stretch. Many motorists have suffered accidents due to the condition of the road. The authorities should take a serious note of the situation and initiate early repairs and renovation of the crucial road stretch,” said some residents of Prem Nagar.