Report by: 
Port Blair
20 Sep 2018

Wrong side overtaking
With the vehicular population exploding, roads in the city continue to live up to its infamy as 'killer road' with public transport vehicles racing against each other for money at brisk speed caring two hoots for rules, pedestrians and other road users.  Violation of lane traffic, overtaking from the wrong side and reluctance to let other vehicles overtake is considered as dangerous driving. However, the violations continue unabated in the city.
“One should be very alert each time, he/she tries to overtake or any other driver is speeding past your vehicle on the roads city. Figures suggest that wrong side overtaking caused many accidents in the recent past here. While the traffic cops try their best to contain traffic violations, it is auto drivers and tourist vehicle operators who violate the overtaking norms. I was panic-stricken for a moment when a tourist vehicle recently zoom past my two wheeler from the wrong side at Dollygunj area. I cursed him under my breath and did the usual gestures. The traffic police should intensity surveillance on such violations to prevent mishaps,” said a resident of Bhatu Basti.

Vandalism by puja revellers
It was shock for morning walkers to find many street lights installed along the footpath from JNRM to Govt. Press wrecked on Thursday. If sources are to be believed, the damage to public property was done by puja revellers who participated in the immersion procession of Vishwakarma Puja last night. “Such hooliganism by people should not be tolerated. Streetlight installed along the footpath from Marina Park to Government Press, besides adding to the aesthetics of the city, is vital for pedestrians and motorists after dusk. While normally police party accompany such religious procession, the vandalism conducted by some last night went unnoticed. The Municipal Council should undertake repairs of the streetlights at the earliest,” said a South Point resident. 

No lessons learnt
Despite reports in the local media, the management of the State Bank of India Main Branch seems to have failed to prevent wastage of power in its premises. On Thursday, this Correspondent again found many lights installed in the bank’s premises switched on till late in the morning wasting precious power. “It was expected that the Bank will support the administration towards achieving 24x7 electricity for citizens across these islands, but in vain. While consumers face the brunt of power outages in these islands, the Bank appears to be least bothered to prevent such criminal waste of power. The staff responsible for such act should be taken to task,” said residents of Mohanpura residents.