Clarification regarding Aadhaar for patients at GBPH

Port Blair
10 Mar 2017

In a recent media news that Aadhaar card is made mandatory to register a patient to the G B Pant Hospital is not correct. Patients are requested to add their Aadhaar and phone number to the Hospital record to avoid duplicate medical identities. Patients not bringing Aadhaar are not rejected any hospital services, however they are requested to register Aadhaar number during their next Hospital visit. Once a registration number is issued to a patient from the Hospital, on subsequent visit a patient is not required to register again. A separate counter is maintained for revisiting patients, where the previously issued registration number or patients phone number or Aadhaar number is sufficient to trace a previous patients visit. To relieve patient discomfort 3 additional counters are added to the existing 4 counters thereby increasing the total number of counter to 7. GBPH Administration shall be arranging for 2 more counter to avoid any temporary discomfort.