'Clean and Green Carnic' initiative by AF Stn. Car Nicobar

Port Blair
6 Jun 2018

Air Force Station Car Nicobar under aegis of Andaman and Nicobar Command has embarked on a mission to become a 'Green Station'. The Command has been in the forefront of Swachh Bharat Campaign envisioned by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and a unique Segregated Waste Collection Centre (SWCC) has been implemented at Port Blair by Defence Wives Welfare Association (DWWA), which received a national award in Oct 2017 under the Swachtha hi Seva campaign of Government of India.
Air Force Station Car Nicobar being located on a remote island took upon itself to devise in house innovative methods to clean the environment and protect the ecology. The first step was to ensure the disposal of solid waste in a modern scientific way. Here, the solid waste disposal model being practised by the DWWA was adapted with segregation of the solid waste using colour coded bins. The disposal is done with compost pits and incinerator for bio-medical waste. The Station has also ventured into a cost effective tower vermiculture project using scrap sewage pipes for scientific disposal of organic waste. Having realised the criticality of disposing the plastic/ glass products in a remote location like Carnic,unique concepts have been introduced to reduce waste by using them for erecting fencings, boundaries delineating pathways, drip irrigation in the kitchen gardens etc,  while the glass bottles are being used as sign boards and for decorating the boundary walls. Scrap material (wood and metal) is being put to use aesthetically for beautifying the surroundings, e.g. the usage of old mirrors, window panes, aluminum frames for displaying motivational quotes, usage of scrap wood for making shore side benches, tables etc are some of the noticeable efforts of the 'Team Commendable Carnic'. The 866 EWS unit under the station has also taken the lead in creating a unique scrap innovation room, where the decorative and utility items made out of scrap are on display and is the pride of the station. The scrap room bears a testimony to the efforts inspired by the motto that “Scrap is only a state of mind”. The Station has also endeavored to make a humble contribution towards pollution control by observing a “No Emission Day” wherein all Station personnel either cycle or walk to the offices on Fridays.
In keeping with the Swachh Bharat Mission of the government, the Station under the guidance of Andaman & Nicobar Command has joined the movement for ensuring a 'Clean and Green Carnic'.