CMSH Docs remove bone stuck in man’s food pipe

Report by: 
Port Blair
26 Aug 2018

Doctors at Dr. Chakraborty Multi-Speciality Hospital (CMSH) at Dollygunj operated on a resident of Diglipur in North Andaman to successfully remove a long piece of chicken bone. The bone was struck in the patient’s food pipe and doctors performed the survey after an endoscopic analysis. “The patient was choking due to the obstruction in the food pipe. Endoscopy revealed that perforation chances were high due to sharp ends of the bone. However after a 45 minute surgery, we successfully removed the bone. Nearly 50% of the patients who have perforations in the food pipe succumb as the infection as it spreads to other organs very rapidly. But our team removed the foreign body that ruptured his food pipe,” said a para-medical staff of CMSH.