Commuters allege harassment by conductors of pvt. buses

Report by: 
Port Blair
1 Jul 2018

Harassment of passengers by conductors of private buses operating in the city is reportedly on the rise here. Sources say that conductors of most of the private buses, under inebriated state, allegedly refuse to provide tickets to passengers in the first instance and later ask them to pay more for the journey. The misconduct is rampant in private buses operating between Chatham to Medical, Garacharma to Chatham, and some operating between Chatham to Dairyfarm.
“Many passengers have been humiliated by bus conductors in the city in the past few days. They abuse and at times force off passengers from the bus. If one raises a complaint with the driver about the conductor being under the influence of liquor, the driver too starts hurling abuses at passengers. They deny tickets after the passenger provides money and after some time return back to us demanding more money. If told that money has already been paid, the conductor picks up a quarrel with the passenger. Recently travelling between Chatham to Dairyfarm, I too faced the harassment. Though I purchased ticket till Dairyfarm Junction, the conductor forced me to get down at Junglighat, when I demanded ticket from him,” said one Selvam, a resident of Dairyfarm.
“While the Traffic Police and State Transport Authority have  gone tough on errant bus drivers, they also conduct random checks on board private buses at regular intervals. Under the influence of liquor, both the driver and conductor go on rampage in the city overtaking other buses to grab more passengers. Many mishaps have recently occurred due to the practice. The authorities should check bus drivers and conductors particularly during afternoon hours for performing duty after consuming liquor. The initiative will go a long way in preventing harassment to passengers onboard private buses,” said some daily commuters.