Constitution of CDRVF in Gram Panchayats

Port Blair
19 Mar 2018

To enhance the capacity building at community level towards disaster preparedness and to constitute Community Disaster Response Volunteer Force (CDRVF) in every Gram Panchayat, continuous meetings have been conducted at Gram Panchayat Bambooflat, Wimberlygunj and Chouldhari involving PRI members viz. Pradhans, Up-Pradhans and GP Members as well as P.S. Members concerned Gram Panchyats. A similar meeting of all Gram Panchayats of Diglipur Tehsil was earlier held by Director, Disaster Management on March 5. Mr. Udit Prakash Rai, Deputy Commissioner, South Andaman also attended a meeting at Bambooflat and highlighted the importance of community participation in disaster management.
He added that the community based disaster risk management (CBDRM) programme provides opportunities for the local community to evaluate their own situation based on their own experiences and build their capacity towards disaster resilience. The concept of Community Disaster Response Volunteer Force (CDRVF) shall definitely generate effective result to respond to any crisis/disaster at grassroot level and to minimize the losses of human lives and properties. Mr. Govind Ram, Director, Disaster Management elaborately explained the need of community participation in Disaster Management. He urged all the Pradhans and PRI members to work together for proper planning, approach and response towards disaster preparedness, capacity building and disaster mitigation, so that the these Islands become self-sufficient and disaster resilient as first responders. CDRVF in every Gram Panchayat and Tribal Council of A&N Islands is targeted to be constituted and in place by May this year.