Course on duties, responsibilities of Beat Officer at PTS

Port Blair
13 Mar 2018

The Police Training School, Prothrapur, A&N Islands organised a two-day course on “Duties And Responsibilities Of Beat Officer” recently for in-service police personnel from the rank of constable to ASI. The main objective of the course is to upgrade the knowledge of police personnel for effective execution of beat duties.
During the course, Mr K.Michal Raj, Vice Principal, PTS, Inspr. Stalin N.S., PS  Anti- Corruption, Inspr. K Joju, PS Anti-Corruption, Inspr. S.K. Sarkar, PTS, Inspr. R.K.Sharma, CLI/PTS, Inspr. Abita Bachan, PTS, SI D.K. Seal, PTS delivered informative lectures on the topics like, principles and objectives of beat duties, method of intelligence collection through beat head constable/constable, duties and responsibilities of Beat Officer during VVIP /VIP visit, public meeting, image of police in present scenario, effective implementation of community policing at beat by beat officer, interaction with senior citizen, role of police personnel as first responder etc.  Altogether, 15 police personnel of various police station/units participated in this course (Including recruits). Mr K. Michal Raj, DANIPS, Vice Principal, PTS concluded the training programme emphasising the objectives of the course and its thorough implementation. The course was coordinated by SI D.K. Seal PTS, Prothrapur.