Course on sexual harassment at workplace for police personnel

Port Blair
31 Aug 2018

The Police Training School, Prothrapur, A & N Islands organised a two-day course on Sexual Harassment at Workplace recently for in-service police personnel from the rank of Constable to Inspectors under the overall supervision of Mr Manoj C, Principal, PTS, Prothrapur. The objective of the course was to create awareness among the in-service police personnel on the issues related to sexual harassment at workplace. The course was inaugurated by the Vice Principal, PTS. Mr K. Michael Raj, Vice Principal, Inspr. Jyothi Chatwal, I/C CAW Cell, Inspr. Jenifer Paul (Imm & F) Branch, Inspr. R.K. Sharma, Inspr. S.K. Sarkar, Inspr. Abitabachan and SI Abdul Manaf of PTS, Prothrapur delivered informative lectures on topics like rights and responsibilities of complainants/employees, conceptual understanding of behaviours, myths, gender biases and sexual harassment, defining sexual harassment at the workplace, legal definitions, dimensions, forms, impact and types of sexual harassment at workplace, scope of Indian law, prevention, prohibition and redressal Act, 2013, legal provisions/procedures for complaining about the sexual harassment at workplace and its redressal, intervention/prevention of sexual harassment at workplace, levels of intervention, proactive prevention, responding to sexual harassment, creating a harassment-free workplace including rights of complainant/duties and responsibilities of employees, employer’s liability etc. Altogether, 28 Police personnel of various Police Station/Units participated in this course.