Croc at beach spoils Sunday revelry at C/Cove

Report by: 
Port Blair
3 Dec 2017

While crocodile attacks and sightings along creeks in remote pockets in rural areas of this territory has become a phenomenon here for some months now, chances of seeing a giant crocodile so close to the city at Corbyn’s Cove beach left locals and visitors wondering as to which parts of this territory’s huge coastline is safe for swimmers. In less than two days after a saltwater crocodile was found around the coastline at Corbyn’s Cove and Forest Department laid a trap to catch the amphibian, picnickers and tourists were left shocked on Sunday to probably another reptile swimming close to the shore at around 10 am. A massive gathering witnessed the reptile swimming close to the beach till around 2.30 pm, but the trap laid by the Forest Department failed to capture the crocodile. To much disappointment, almost all visitors left the spot relishing lunch and other eateries safety at the sandy beach side. However, the Forest Department and other government agencies were found stationed at the spot to capture the reptile and release it to safe habitats, as per reports.
“I came here with my family to spend Sunday at the beach, but was astonished on arrival to notice people looking at the sea searching for something. When asked, one of them said that a huge crocodile was seen swimming in the sea nearby and personnel from the rescue agencies have warned them to venture out anywhere near the sea. There were hundreds of people at the beach today to spend Sunday, but many of them returned fearing the beach. However, many other stayed to see the crocodile captured. The Forest team, as we hope, will act professionally and relieve people from the fear of venturing into the seas here,” said Saji, a resident of Bhatu Basti.