CS inaugurates PBMC’s cashless transaction facility

Port Blair
10 Jan 2017
The Chief Secretary, A&N Administration, Mr Anindo Majumdar on Monday inaugurated the facility of cashless transactions at PBMC headquarter here this morning. He unveiled the plaque and also handed over the computer generated receipts (consumer’s copy) to the consumers who paid their water tax by operating Point of  Sale (POS) machines installed at the counter, thus marking the launch of the facility. The Chairperson, PBMC, Mr B. Eswar Rao, Sr. Vice Chairman, Mr NK Udaya Kumar and Jr. Vice Chairman, Mr Dharmendra Narayan, PBMC Secretary, Mr Yashpal Garg besides Councillors of PBMC and officials were present on the occasion.
Interacting with the Councillors, the Chief Secretary appreciated the initiative taken by the PBMC for adopting cashless transaction. The Chief Secretary said, he was informed by the PBMC officials that PBMC might be the first Municipal Council to introduce cashless transaction in the country. It is a great achievement on the part of the Council; the Chief Secretary said showering all praise for their initiative. The Chief Secretary, however pointed out that a back-up plan should also be put in place while collection of taxes as people should not suffer due to connectivity problems in the Isles.
 “Such cashless transactions will be introduced in other Departments also”, the Chief Secretary said urging the PBMC to motivate traders/businessman to adopt cashless transactions. He stated that POS machine will be installed in all the Circuit Houses manned by the Administration so that the visiting dignitaries/officials from mainland do not face problem. 
The Chief Secretary urged the PBMC to give special attention to the Prime Minister’s Awas Yojana so that Isles do not lag behind in its implementation for the benefit of the needy people.
The Chief Secretary also lauded PBMC for keeping the city spic and span. The dignitaries visiting Port Blair have appreciated the cleanliness maintained in the city area, the Chief Secretary said giving all the credit to the PBMC team. Projects such as mall and beautiful parks are also essential for making Port Blair a vibrant city for which PBMC should take initiatives, he observed. The Chief Secretary urged the PBMC to be well prepared and maintain/check its distribution line properly to avoid water crises in the event of delayed rain after summer season.
He also underlined the need for immediate reviving of the fire hydrants available in different pockets of the city area so that it can be used in any emergency situation.
On the demand for increasing manpower for maintaining cleanliness in newly created wards, the Chief Secretary directed the Secretary, PBMC to look into the issue. The Chief Secretary desired that PBMC should create a multipurpose sports complex in between Bhatu Basti and Garacharma so that the youth of that area benefitted.
The Chairperson PBMC, Mr B. Eswar Rao briefed the Chief Secretary that simultaneously cashless transactions have been started at Naka Offices/revenue collection points at Haddo Wharf, Airport Cargo, TCI by using the Plastic Cards, demand draft, and cheques  for payment of all types of Municipal dues like octroi, market rent, and property tax etc.
Further, the Chairperson explained that arrangements have been made with Axis Bank for further installation of Self Service Kiosk at PBMC Headquarter and also reiterated that very soon PBMC, in association with Axis BANK will start online services for payment of Municipal dues for the citizens of Port Blair Municipal Area through internet banking, debit card, credit card payments, so that citizens can pay their dues from their home directly. The main aim of the PBMC is to make citizens pay all the Municipal dues in a hassle free manner and also encourage the society towards cashless transactions.
Ms. Amaratvalli, became the first person who paid her water tax through cashless transaction by swiping ATM card in POS machine being operated by Axis Bank for the PBMC. Mr Deepak Mandal, another consumer also paid water tax by swiping ATM card marking the launch of the facility.
The Secretary, PBMC, Mr Yashpal Garg informed about the revenue generation measures taken by the PBMC.