Dangal: Isles boy shines in professional wrestling

Watching WWE wrestling in my childhood days motivated me for the sport, says Manish
Report by: 
Port Blair
18 Sep 2018

Manish Dubey, a lesser known face in the A&N Islands has done miracle in the field of professional wrestling. Manish, a local boy last Saturday defeated Super VIP,  AKA, Mr. Understand in the Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) World Heavyweight Championship held at Punjab to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. CWE is the wrestling academy owned by the former WWF Superstar from India - The Great Khali, established in 2015, in the city of Jalandhar, Punjab. Manish defeated his opponent in just 19 minutes to clinch the world wrestling title.
Son of Mr. Brajendra Dubey and Mrs Radha Dubey, the family of Manish resides in the Kalapathar area of Sippighat in South Andaman. Manish family is from a farmer background and his parents struggled to make their kids pursue higher education. “I was born into a family that didn't like wrestling. No one in the family was ready to send me to wrestling academy, but I was fortunate that my brother Rahul Dubey, employed in the A&N Police know about my passion for the game. At a very young age, I started watching wrestling and ultimately fell in love with it, watching WWE superstars like Rock, Triple-H, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan,” recounts Manish.
“Watching WWE wrestling from a very young age was the beginning of my love for the sport, and listening to all my friends talk about WWF superstars made me want to hear more and more about the game and learn everything about wrestling. Seeing my passion for the game and the opposition from my family members and relatives, my  brother Rahul quietly contacted  ‘The Great Khali’ and I was fortunate that I got admission in his academy. During the course of the training,-The Great Khali saw my passion and dedication for the game and agreed to train me personally. He also gave me opportunities to compete with other wrestlers of the academy”, Manish passionately narrated his journey to the world of wrestling to EOI.  Manish joined the Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) academy on 14 August 2016, and after rigorous training was declared qualified to compete in his first match after two months of joining the academy. Now he has been participating in wrestling matches across the globe, representing Andaman & Nicobar Islands.  Wrestling lovers can catch him in action every Saturday at 6:00 pm onwards on YouTube. Currently Manish Dubey has become a well-known face in the world of wrestling and is known among his fellow wrestlers as AKA Dubey ji or CWE Police. He is now the new YouTube sensation, along with his tag team partner Divyanshu Pandey, who hails from Siwan, Bihar. Both Manish Dubey and Divyanshu Pandey are most viral persons on the internet. Both are not just good friends but are great wrestlers and unstoppable inside the ring. Finally after months of hard training at the hands of none other than-The Great Khali, the duo in a tag team championship defeated two times tag team champions ‘Punjabi Express and registered their names in the history of professional wrestling. The Dangal boy Manish without much support from any agencies of the Islands, quietly out of the glare of media is doing wonders, bringing laurels to the Islands and making the Islanders proud through his Dangal.