DBRAIT student invents High Current Coupled Inductor

Port Blair
8 Aug 2017

Raghu Narayanan, a student of 2001 batch from Electronics and Communication Department of DBRAIT has registered for patents for inventing High Current Coupled Inductor for DC to DC converter application. This invention was conceived during April 2016 in USA. The key features of this invention are that it is designed for use with IDT’s proprietary couple inductor multi-phase DC-DC converter topology, Low height and small size allows use in both imbedded (VRD) and module (VRM) applications and Robust SMD package is compatible with SMT assembly process handling. This ICL701-1 VED/POL Inductor using IDT’s coupled inductor technology solves the most pressing problems facing IA-32 VRD s and VRMs. This patented technology solves the trade-off between efficiency and elimination of bulk capacitors by dramatically lowering the VRM output inductance while using industry-standard components and relatively low switching frequencies.
Raghu Narayanan is presently posted as Product Definition Engineer at Wurth  Elektronik based in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA. He has 13 years of experience in the field of Power Electronics, with more than ten years in complete product development and more than two tears in magnetics, after completing under graduate studies in Electronics and Communication Engineering and earning a specialization degree in power electronics. He also holds an executive   M.B.A. degree from IIBM, Delhi, India, with specialization in telecommunication. (Raghu.Narayanan@we-online.com)