DC SA visits proposed FLC site at Dugnabad

Port Blair
26 Jul 2018

The Deputy Commissioner of South Andaman, Mr Udit Prakash Rai  inspected Dignabad area on Thursday and held discussion with the Chief Engineer, ALHW, Director of Fisheries and officials of PMB in the presence of Mr Vishal Jolly, Member HMAC, Mr Indra Pal Singh, Chairperson of Port Blair Municipal Council and Smt E Rani, Ward Councillor. On the possibility of construction of Fish Landing Centre (FLC) in the area, it was decided that the final decision shall be taken once the department of ALHW prepares a plan in consultation with different stakeholder departments. The team inspected land in the vicinity for setting up of a platform which can be utilized as selling zone and a patch of land was identified. The Deputy Commissioner assured that if the land belongs to Revenue Department and free from dispute, the same will be set-apart in favour of Port Blair Municipal Council.  The Chairperson further assured that in case of non-availability of Revenue land a part / patch of land out of 0.65 hectares in the locality which is already set apart in favour of the Council shall be made available for construction of fish selling platform.