Demo on carp breeding tech held at Hut Bay

Port Blair
28 Aug 2017

On the request of farmers from Netaji Nagar in Hut Bay, ICAR-CIARI conducted a demonstration on carp breeding technology recently. The demonstration programme leader was Dr. Sibnarayan Dam Roy, former Director, ICARI-CIARI, Programme Co-ordinator Dr. Sukham Monalisha Devi, Scientist, Fisheries Science Division and Skilled Supporting Staff K. Ali and Mohamad Jawed.
Induced breeding of carps starts with onset of monsoon (May to August) when there will  be decline in water temperature (24°-28°C favourable range) and regular showering (rain) for stimulation of brooders and good fertilization of eggs. For a successful breeding programme brooders (mature male and female fish) is the first requirement. The demonstration programme took place at pond own by Mr. Prosen Biswas and Kamala Biswas. The major problem faced was poor number of brooders. Very few mature fish were encountered during netting and we could able to pair with ratio of 1:1 (male: female) Rohu (Labeo rohita). Total 2 male fish and 2 female fish were used during the demonstration programme using ovatide (hormone). Out of which 27 liters of eggs were released and 4 lakhs of spawn (young ones) were collected. Farmers were involved getting hands on practice and learned important steps in breeding process.
Farmers were advised to construct Nursery Ponds which is a critical stage in culture of spawn where they have to attend fry size (1-2cm) and mortality rate is high. There is no nursery ponds in Netaji Nagar except for Mr. Prosen Biswas who has recently started constructing nursery pond which require pond designing at present. Nursery ponds can be constructed with the help Department of Fisheries, Andaman Administration and feed brooders with proper feed before breeding season starts. We suggest the farmers interested for fish breeding and culture to attend trainings on scientific fish culture methods and breeding programmes mainly provided by KVK, ICAR-CIARI and Fisheries Science Division, ICAR-CIARI.
Through the programme farmers could able to gain confidence and they have already started initiating work for next year breeding season under guidance of ICAR-CIARI and also Department of Fisheries, Andaman Administration. Dr. S. Monalisha Devi would like to thank Mr. Babul Sarkar (Pradhan) for his enthusiasm, full support and most importantly his presence throughout the programme. She would also like to thank Mr. Shaji Thomas, Fisheries Inspector, Hut Bay for providing brooder collection net and Mr. Robin, Field Assistant, Horticulture and Forestry, CIARI for making all the necessary arrangements and specially farmers who helped in making our programme a success.
Netaji Nagar, Hut Bay is a Bengali populated area where there is heavy demand of fresh water fishes. After  the 2004 tsunami agriculture Department has constructed ponds in each and every family wherein they culture fresh water fishes most preferably major carps Catla, Rohu, Mrigal and exotic carps silver, grass and common carps mainly for household consumption. Unavailability of fish spawns and fry (1-2 cm size young ones) is major problem as a result very few fish are left in many of the ponds of Netaji Nagar. They procure spawns and fry from Diglipur fish farmers but suffer for delay in adequate supply.