Denizens berate office hour boozing by govt. employees

Port Blair
26 Jul 2018

Even as the Police is trying hard to contain the menace of drunken driving, boozing by employees during office hours continues unabated in various departments of the administration. In almost all departments of the administration including health centres, male employees can be noticed carrying out office works in an inebriated state. Such is the situation that in almost all departments, office works are executed by staff under the influence of liquor seriously affecting efficiency in rendering public services, at times leading to altercations with service seekers.
“Near to half of the officials in almost every government agency can be found intoxicated during office hours. Just as the clock ticks 11, these set of government staff rush to the nearest Bar for a drink or two. It seems that without the regular dose of alcohol they cannot render services. In some departments, drivers of government vehicles collect liquor from ANIIDCO Outlets and supply them to their seniors during office hours. Drivers too can be found driving official vehicles under the influence of alcohol,” claimed a resident of Aberdeen Bazar.
“The top brass of the administration should take a serious note of the situation. Strict action should be taken against government officials found intoxicated during office hours. Drivers of government vehicles should also be warned of stern action if they are found drunk while driving vehicles. Besides private vehicles, the Traffic Police should take severe action against drivers of government vehicles found drunk during office hours,” he added. (EOIC)