Detailed traffic arrangements made for MILAN 2018

Port Blair
4 Mar 2018

The MILAN-2018 is being organised by the A & N Command from March 6-11, 2018. During the event, a number of events are scheduled to be performed in the Port Blair city area. The city parade is one of the main events of MILAN which will be held in front of the Girls Senior Secondary School, Port Blair. Huge crowd of invitees and general public are expected on the day of International City Parade i.e. on March 9, 2018. Elaborate traffic and parking arrangements has been made in connection with the rehearsal and main function of City Parade on 07th (for rehearsal) and 9th March. 2018 for the main function.
Accordingly, all the holders of car with Red Parking Label (P) may use the route of APWD Crossing, Fire Brigade Junction, Visranthi Bhawan, Scout Hut Junction and Girls School Crossing to reach the place of function. They are requested to reach the place of function latest by 1510 hrs, failing which their vehicles will be stopped at APWD Crossing and will be diverted to RK Mission. The vehicles of other high dignitaries having Red Parking Label (P) shall be parked in the premises of Girls Sr. Sec. School. After the function is over the holders of Red Parking Label (P) will proceed on the same route in reverse order via Girls School Crossing, Scout Hut Junction, Vishranthi Bhawan, Fire Brigade Crossing, APWD Crossing and thereafter they will proceed to their destination.
The holders of Yellow Parking Label (P-1) will follow the route of APWD Crossing, Gandhi Park, Murugan Temple, RGT Road, Machi Line Crossing and RK Mission Junction where they will alight and will proceed to the place of function. The route will be kept open till 1445 hrs. All the vehicles having Yellow Parking Label (P-1) will be parked inside the complex of JNRM College. After the function is over all the invitees whose vehicles are parked inside JNRM Complex (holders of Yellow Parking Label (P-1)) will proceed to their destinations via RGT Road and Murugan Temple.
The heavy vehicles and the buses carrying the parade contingents of Army, Navy, Coast Guard, A&N Police, School Children and Foreigners will follow the route of Model School, Annapurna Junction, Clock Tower, ‘Y’ Narayan junction, Dharmshala junction and the entrance gate (back side) of Netaji Stadium at Mahaveer Singh Road, where they will alight. After alighting the parade contingents the vehicles carrying foreign parade contingents will follow the route from Netaji Stadium to Girls School Junction to R K Mission and will park their vehicles on the road sides. After culmination of Parade at R.K. Mission Tri Junction, Foreign contingents will proceed for boarding their respective buses parked on both sides of the road.
The other heavy vehicles, including buses carrying defence personnel families will proceed to Mahavir Singh Road in shuttle buses from IP&T parking, Aberdeen Bazaar, Clock Tower, ‘Y’ Narayan Junction and drop them at Dharmshala Junction and park their vehicle at parking stand near swimming pool. After the Parade, the local parade contingents shall wait at Netaji Stadium till the function is over and the vehicular traffic reduces. Thereafter, their vehicles will be released from IP&T Parking Place / Raj Niwas parking to Netaji Stadium via Fire Brigade, Scout Hut junction and Girls School Junction. After picking up their contingents, these vehicles will be allowed to proceed to their destinations via R.G.T Road, Murugan Temple and Gandhi Park.
The vehicles without parking label belonging to general public coming to witness the function including two wheelers and four wheelers will follow the route of Model School, Annapurna Junction, Clock Tower and ‘Y’ Narayan junction from where they will proceed either towards Netaji Stadium or Water Sports Complex via Dharmshala Junction where they will alight. They have to reach Netaji Stadium and water Sports Complex at 1330 hrs. The vehicles brought by general public without having any parking label including four wheelers will be parked at east side of Netaji Stadium, in front of Tennis Court, Water Sports Complex, ‘Y’ Narayan parking stand, western side of Netaji Stadium and two wheelers will be parked near Veladrome, Tennis Court, in front of JNRM right side, ‘Y’ Narayan junction parking. On completion of the function and after the departure of VIPs, the vehicles parked in front of Netaji Stadium and water Sports Complex shall proceed back via RGT Road, Murugan Temple and Dignabad Fore Shore Road.
The parade will start from Netaji Stadium, enter Mahaveer Singh Road and pass through Girls School Junction, Saluting Base  situated in front of Girls Sr. Sec. School and proceed to R.K. Mission Tri Junction where the Parade will come to an end.
The vehicle intending to proceed to South Point including buses from Aberdeen Bazaar shall be diverted towards Model School Crossing- Bengali Club – Goalghar Junction – Secretariat – Police Line and Nayagaon. Heavy vehicles proceeding on long route shall be diverted to Goalghar and Junglighat from Bengali Club. No heavy vehicles including Private buses and STS will be allowed to proceed to Aberdeen Bazaar from Gandhi Statue and Bengali Club Junction from 1300 hrs to 1930 hrs. All the vehicular traffic of general public other the Red Parking label ‘P’ will remain suspended on 09/03/2018 from Fire Brigade to Girls School Crossing, Y Narayan Junction to Scout Hut Junction and Dharamshala Crossing to RK Mission from 1300 hrs to 1930 hrs, so that no obstruction is caused on the route of parade. No vehicle shall be allowed to proceed towards the place of function from any side after 1350 hrs. Pvt. Tourist boats carrying passengers from Aberdeen jetty to Ross Island, North Bay etc. shall be shifted to Junglighat jetty on 09th March 2018.
All the vehicular traffic shall remain suspended on 05th & 07th March 2018 from 1500 hrs to 1730 hrs from Dharashala Junction to R.K Mission for the rehearsal of City Parade & from Scout Hut to Girls School Traffic Point.