DGP institutes ‘Insignia’ for service excellence

Port Blair
6 Mar 2017

To encourage and boost the morale of  the personnel of A&N Police including Fire Service, Police Marine Force, Police Radio Organization and India Reserve Battalion (IRBn), the Police department has instituted “DGP’S Insignia for Excellence”. On the occasion of Bada Khana at Police Lines organized as a part of Police Raising Day recently, 72  police personnel of various units of A&N Police including GOs have been presented with DGP’s Insignia -2017 for their excellence in service.
“DGP’s Insignia” will be awarded only once during his or her service time for excellence in any of  the fields, viz for doing outstanding good work such as the recapture of an escaped prisoner, the arrest of a wanted criminal, exceptional devotion towards duties and overall performance, for exemplary courage or bravery in discharging of duties, for excellence in investigation requiring extra-ordinary skill and showing exemplary performance in sports activities while representing Andaman & Nicobar Police Department at National or International level.
Initiation of such an award will go a long way in boosting the morale of the awardees and goad them to perform even better. It will also serve as an incentive for the police personnel to excel in their field of duties.