Dilapidated bridge over croc-infested nallah poses threat to Beodnabad villagers

Report by: 
Port Blair
27 Jun 2017

A dilapidated footbridge over a crocodile infested nallah at Beodnabad in South Andaman is posing serious risk to the lives of the villagers, especially students and elderly residents. The 30 odd meter long wooden bridge was constructed years ago and provides connectivity to many hamlets in the region. But despite inattention of the authorities concerned, the rickety link continues to remain the lifeline for many villagers.
“The unstable bridge provides connectivity to many families from different villages here. The dilapidated structure is a threat to children and old, especially because it is infested with crocodiles. During rains, the water levels in the nallah swells and a minor mistake could prove a fatal fall for the villagers. Despite pleas, the local authorities have failed to rebuild the bridge even though hundreds of people use it on daily basis,” said  Sheela Devi, a resident of Beodnabad.
“The condition of the bridge, used by school students, office-goers and others on a daily basis, is going from bad to worse with every passing day. Authorities, at times villagers, secure the broken parts of the wooden bridge using ropes. Even a minor slip-up will cause the vital link to collapse due to the makeshift repair works. For the past many years, we have been running from pillar to post to get the vital  link reconstructed, but the authorities concerned are not serious about the plight of  people. A new cement or steel bridge should be constructed without any further delay to avoid any loss of  life here,” demanded another villager.