Distribution of IGNOU QPs

Port Blair
8 Oct 2018

To facilitate learners, the IGNOU Regional Centre, Port Blair is distributing the unused Question Papers of June-2018 Term-End Exam. Interested students can visit Regional Centre-Port Blair and collect the required Question Papers. This academic service will be available upto 15th November, 2018. It will facilitate the learners who are going to appear in the December Term End Exam which will be starting from 01st December, 2018. The Question Papers are distributed at free of cost, on first-come first basis. It is also planned to conduct Mock Tests at Regional Centre at the last weekend of October for the students who have failed in some attempt(s). For such students, the three hour mock test using previous exam Question Papers will increase the academic confidence and also give the feedback on his/her academic performance. No charges for Mock Test. The result of the Mock Test will be communicated to the student prior to commencement of December Exam.  Interested students can submit their request letter to Regional Centre on plain paper (or) e-mail: rcportblair@ignou.ac.in on or before 20th October, 2018.