Dr Swamy addresses huge audience at Virat Hindu Sammelan

Port Blair
11 Dec 2017

The historic 7-day long Ram Katha Samaroh which started on  December 3 concluded with the valedictory function at Virat Hindu Sammelan on Sunday in the Junglighat Durga Puja Mandap. The chief guest for the Sammnelan was the renowned parliamentarian, social worker and economist Dr.Subramanian Swamy, M.P.  The programme was attended by large number of Sanatan Devotees.
In the Sammelan discussion was initiated by renowned orator Sadhwi Pragya Bhariti Ji where she expressed the need of protecting Bharatiya sanskriti and culture for regaining the glory for Bharitiyata so that the country again becomes proud for its known heritage gifted by its rishis and sages. She also spoke for the need of strengthening women education and to direct the younger generation towards Indian culture and Vedic teachings. Discussing women empowerment, she urged all women of India to become self reliant both physically as well as financially. She stressed on the fact that society cannot prosper unless the women of the society are secure.
Later, the packed hall heard Dr. Subramanian Swamy who has been elected 6th times to the Parliament, three times to the lok Sabha and equal number of times to the Upper House. Dr. Swamy started his discourse with enlightening the facts of Indian history and the historic background of various communities in India. He stressed on the issue of relating Indian history with the heritage and teaching the same to future generation rather than keeping the western culture and other facts which has affected the harmony of Sanatan society of India and its generations after independence. He narrated the mythological facts which related to the peace loving society of India and expressed the concern for present generation to be devoid of those facts. Dr. Swamy also highlighted the root cause of partition and expressed that citizen  should consider national first rather than their personal things which will lead to nationalism in society and holistic development for nation.