Eminent Scientist delivers lecture at JNRM

Port Blair
5 Apr 2017

Eminent scientist Prof K.N. Ganeshaiah, Professor & Head, Department of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, currently on a visit to these islands, delivered a lecture on "Science can be simple!!" in the Lecture Gallery of JNRM on Wednesday. Prof Ganeshaiah is a Fulbright Fellow and fellow of many national and international bodies like Indian Academy of Science etc.
Giving various examples and interesting stories, he highlighted the simplicity of learning science and mentioned that curiosity, persuasion and love for the subject are the major elements for learning science. He mentioned about the ancient Karnataka practice of 'Gudaani' in pulse protection and the science behind the practice which has now been developed into new  technology by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. He gave several examples from myths which have scientific value.  He stressed the fact that A&N Islands are treasure house of biodiversity and offer wonderful opportunities for the Life Science students of these Islands.
The programme was attended by Dr.N.Francis Xavier, Principal JNRM, Dr.T.V.R.S Sharma, Scientist Emeritus, CARI, faculty members and students of Plant Science and Zoology Department.   The programme was organized and coordinated by Dr.V.K.Sahu, Nature Club, Department of Zoology, JNRM.