Encroachment of Waqf properties

Port Blair
12 Sep 2017

It has been noticed that Waqf properties are being encroached and possession is being taken over without the authority of Waqf Board. Attention of the Public at large is invited to Provision of Section 52 (A) which makes an action to take over Possession of Waqf Properties a criminal offence which is a non-bailable offence. Recently the Chairperson had noted an encroachment being carried out at the Farzand Ali Market, Delanipur and immediate action was taken by the Chief Executive Officer upon instruction from the Chairperson. With the intervention of the A & N Police the encroachment was removed. This was for the first time that the Waqf Board has taken steps under Section 52 (A) of the Waqf Act.  The Chairperson, Mohammed Tabraiz along with Mr Rizwanullah, Chief Executive Officer and Mr K. Alvi, Convener, Land Building Committee made a surprise visit to the Waqf Properties on Monday and noted certain further encroachments following which instructions were issued for eviction immediately.