EOI IMPACT: Power Department secures transformer installation at Ranchi Basti

Report by: 
Port Blair
19 May 2017

Acting promptly on the report published in this daily recently, the Electricity Department has provided security barrier around the power transformer installed at Jawahar Colony, Ranchi Basti. The insecured  installation was posing serious threat to lives. The Municipal Council too deployed its sanitary force to dispose of garbage littered near the transformer to prevent stray animals from electrocution.
The Echo of India, in its edition on May 18, reported how the open power transformer and dangling electrical wires at Jawahar Colony was posing serious threat to the residents in the region. Indiscriminate dumping of garbage near the transformer attracted stray animals and any contact with the high tension power lines could have proved fatal. Residents had alleged that the Power Department failed to secure the power installation despite repeated requests in the past.