Exercise on to verify identity of casual workers engaged by civic body: Yashpal Garg

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Port Blair
10 Mar 2017

Recently it came to notice that one person namely D. Ravi Kumar was impersonating as D. Raj Kumar and working as Daily Rated Mazdoor (DRM) in PBMC.  Initially one D. Raj Kumar was engaged as DRM but subsequently he was replaced by D. Ravi Kumar. The originally appointed person D. Ravi Kumar has said to be already expired yet the D. Ravi Kumar continued operating a bank account in the name of D. Raj Kumar and drawing the wages released by PBMC.
The said D. Ravi Kumar submitted an application that his name has been wrongly mentioned in the record of PBMC as D. Raj Kumar and requested for its correction as D. Ravi Kumar. When the request came before the Secretary PBMC, he enquired about the matter and the whole truth came out. Now the said person has been dis-engaged from the PBMC with immediate effect and applicable legal action being taken in the matter.
In the process, it has also been revealed that the similar modus operandi was used in many cases where the originally engaged persons have been replaced by other persons and then names were changed in the official records.  Though rules permit change in the names by individuals but this process does not allow one individual to replace the other person and get automatic employment without going through the required process of recruitment. These are clear cases of impersonation, cheating and fraud which necessitate filing of criminal cases against the concerned individuals. Since these frauds could not have taken place without active connivance of the officials and other persons, strict action need to be taken against them also. 
In a release, the Secretary, Port Blair Municipal Council, Mr Yashpal Garg, said that an exercise has already been initiated for identity verification through Aadhaar data of all the DRMs/Casual Mazdoors/Muster Roll workers engaged in PBMC. “In case of anyone having specific information about engagement of persons with mistaken identity, same may please be shared with the PBMC in next 15 days alongwith supporting documents/evidences. Further all the employees of PBMC have been asked to get their bank account seeded with Aadhaar number immediately otherwise release of their salary/wages may get delayed because of the ongoing verification process.”