Expert ortho surgeries at ANIIMS

Port Blair
13 Jul 2017

The Department of Orthopaedics at ANIIMS, GB Pant Hospital has started performing surgeries for treating bone and soft tissue tumours with excellent results. The latest modalities of treatment such as bone cement, extended curettage of the bone with phenol ablation are being used to treat such cases. This modality of treatment reduces recurrence from up to 35% to 15%. Worldwide recurrence rate at 1 year (after surgery) of such tumours in general is around (20%).
To further increase the accuracy of diagnosis and reduce the number of surgeries, Intraoperative Cytopathology is being practiced at ANIIMS – GB Pant Hospital. In this technique, during the surgery, the team of Orthopaedic Surgeons headed by Prof. Dr. Amit Ray removes a portion of the tumour mass and this is sent immediately to the Pathology Lab. The team of Pathologists headed by Prof. Dr. Archana Deshpande examines the specimen and provides a provisional diagnosis within 15 minutes, based on which the surgical procedure may be modified, thereby potentially saving the patient from repeat surgeries. Such complex bone and soft tissue tumor cases were previously being referred to Mainland and are now being managed successfully at ANIIMS – GB Pant Hospital.