Expiry date blood bags reportedly detected at GBPH Blood Bank

Report by: 
Port Blair
11 Jan 2019

Amid local newspaper reports of shortage of essential life savings drugs, comes another shocker from the lone referral hospital of these islands, the GB Pant Hospital. As per sources, many expiry date blood bags were detected in the hospital on Friday. The incident has raised serious doubts over proper management by doctors and para-medical staff posted at the Blood Bank of the hospital.
“As member of a voluntary blood donor organization, I was called to the Blood Bank to donate blood during early hours on Friday for a patient. While my blood was being tested, I noticed staff posted at the Blood Bank disposing of empty blood bags in the bin. I heard them murmuring that there are many blood bags which have crossed their expiry date but still being sent to the Bank for collection of blood. This is a serious issue. Doctors, before transfusing blood to patients, go through the labelling and discard it, if found past its expiry. Blood bags too have an expiry date and if blood is collected in such bags, the precious blood donated by volunteers will get wasted. The hospital management should take a strong note of the incident and take necessary steps to ensure proper stock of blood bags in the Blood Bank,” said a regular blood donor.
When contacted the Medical Officer (i/c), Blood Bank, G.B. Pant Hospital refuted the reports. “These are absolutely false allegations as no such incident has come to my notice. The Blood Bank maintains strict inventory of blood bags and other items and there is no chance that expiry date blood bags were detected here. We do understand the importance of blood and have seen people facing severe hardship for arranging blood for their near and dear ones,” he said, however, assuring to inquire into the matter.