Facing disqualification, Rangat Panchayat Samity Pramukh accuses Up-Pramukh of corruption

Report by: 
Port Blair
5 Dec 2017

Facing disqualification after a No-Confidence Motion passed against her, the Pramukh, Panchayat Samity of Rangat, Smt Marjulu Tirkey has come out strongly in her defence levelling counter allegations against the Up-Pramukh of Panchayat Samity, Rangat, Mr Keshab Kabiraj. Speaking to EOI, Smt Marjulu Tirkey said that in the past two years, she has been rendering  services to the people with utmost honesty and dedication, but Mr Keshab Kabiraj hatched a conspiracy against her to pass the No-Confidence Motion on false and fabricated allegations.
According to Smt Marjulu Tirkey, the Up-Pramukh compelled her to demand 2 to 5 percent as commission for contracts awarded by the Samity for various developmental projects being executed in the region. “It was when I refused to such demand that problems started cropping up between me and Kabiraj. The Up-Pramukh along with other members of the Samity had been continuously exerting pressure on me to demand commission from construction agencies. As an elected Pramukh, how could I agree to such illegitimate demand?  But I humbly told them to individually approach the contractors for commission, if they intended to. It’s even impractical for contractors to pay 2 percent as commission to 14 members of the Samity. After failing to convince me, Kabiraj conspired against me and moved the No Confidence Motion,” claimed Smt Tirkey.
“The works carried out by the Samity is testimony to my integrity as Pramukh of Rangat. For the first time, funds to the tune of Rs 5 crore have been sanctioned and being used for several developmental projects in the region. The grants were allocated is a listed manner to different Panchayats in the region.  Some of such projects have been completed, while others are in different stages of execution. But inspite of all the good works done, Kabiraj managed to sway 11 members of the Samity and passed the No Confidence Motion.”
“The Up-Pramukh is now misusing the name of the Member of Parliament claiming that he has unflinching support of the latter and I will have to resign from the post of Pramukh, Panchayat  Samity, Rangat.  I have, however, not received any such notice from the Deputy Commissioner of the North and Middle Andaman region and have also not resigned voluntarily hoping that the Member of Parliament, A & N Islands will intervene in the matter and support the truth,” she added.  
Asked to comment, the Up-Pramukh of Panchayat Samity, Rangat, Mr Keshab Kabiraj straightaway refuted the allegations levelled by Smt Marjulu Tirkey. “Does she have any proof that I asked her to demand commission from contractors? The allegations are purely baseless. On the contrary, Smt Marjulu Tirkey has been facing accusation of mistreating other members of the Panchayat Samity for which complaints were also lodged with the State President of Bharatiya Janata Party, Mr Vishal Jolly,” said Mr Kabiraj.  Recently, the Panchayat Samity member of Sabari, Middle Andaman, Smt Seropina Barla, moved a No- Confidence Motion, Pramukh, Panchayat Samity of Rangat, Smt Marjulu Tirkey. Accordingly, the Up-Pramukh of Panchayat Samity, Rangat, Mr Keshab Kabiraj, convened a special meeting during which the No-Confidence Motion was successfully passed. Of the total 14 members of the Panchaya Samity members, 11 participated in the meeting and all them unanimously voted in favour of the No Confidence Motion against Smt Marjulu Tirkey, the Pramukh of Panchayat Samity, Rangat.