Final notice to encroachers in Municipal markets, roads

Port Blair
3 Jan 2018

It is observed that in and around Municipal markets, the public area meant for circulation have been encroached by illegal permanent, semi-permanent structures and extensions. These encroachments not only create hindrance in circulation but also affect evacuation plans and emergency services like Fire, Police and Medical Ambulance etc. and importantly during natural disasters. A public notice was issued on 15.11.2016 to vacate the illegal occupancy within 7 days without desired results. Thereafter the PBMC, during January and February 2017, removed encroachments from some of the Municipal markets, but they came up again. Public Notices were issued again on 08.02.2017, 17.08.2017 and on 26th October 2017. On 09.11.2017 illegal extensions on the public areas were removed near PBMC Head Quarters at Mohanpura. Recent fire incidents in some restaurants and pubs in Mumbai where more than a dozen human lives were lost are living examples that encroachments and unauthorised constructions are serious threat to public safety.
Therefore, all concerned are hereby once again advised to remove all type of illegal extensions and encroachments from the Municipal markets immediately failing which actions, as applicable, will be taken without any further notice which include summarily removal of the encroachment at their risk and cost with seizure of the items under Regulation 150 and 151 of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Municipal Regulation),1994, filing  FIR with the Police for encroachment on the public land, recovery of  damage charges for illegal occupancy of public land and cost of demolition, levy of fine, cancellation of allotment and sealing of the allotted Shop(s) and disconnection of the Electric and Water Connections Further, some of carts, counters and goods etc. are left on the road sides which not only cause hindrance in cleaning but also create security risks. These will also be removed by the PBMC either during the day or during the night, at the risk and cost of concerned persons. This is the last and final opportunity and individual notices will not be issued before clearing of public areas, at the risk and cost of concerned persons, by the PBMC.