Flash floods after heavy rains cause traffic chaos on ATR at Webi

Report by: 
Port Blair
31 Aug 2018

Heavy overnight rains lashed different parts of the North Andaman region particularly Mayabunder and adjoining areas causing water logging in low-lying areas here on Friday, resulting in slow movement of peak hour vehicular traffic this morning. Stretches of the Andaman Trunk Road in places like Webi near Khara Nallah were waterlogged due to the incessant showers leading to traffic snarls and chaos on the roads for several hours today. According to reports, private and STS passenger buses moved at a snail pace negotiating the waterlogged Andaman Trunk Road for more than two hours due to flash floods after nearby nallahs swelled after incessant rains. Even commuters on private vehicles and locals of the area were held up at Webi during the heavy downpour. “Every passenger bus travelling to Port Blair was delayed by at around two hours after the sudden flash flood at Webi and some missed the scheduled convoys from Kadamtala and Middle Strait. It became practically impossible for vehicles to traverse through the flooded road caused by the downpour at Webi. It was only after water receded that normally traffic resumed on the ATR,” said some commuters.