Flout of safety norms by LPG delivery vehicles continues unabated in city

Port Blair
9 Apr 2018

Stringent rules in force for  vehicles carrying inflammable products like LPG cylinders, crucial safety regulations stands violated posing serious threat to precious human lives and public property in the urban areas here. Amid growing population, demand for cooking gas has increased manifold in the recent years and with agencies grappling with lack of resources to cater to the requirements of consumers, transport vehicles like pick-up vans, autos etc can be easily noticed carrying LPG cylinders in breach of even the basic of safety norms.
As per rules, agencies empanelled for distribution of LPG cylinders should follow certain safety measures while engaging transporters. But probably for the heavy rush in the city, the agencies prefer to ignore the regulations in order to cater to the growing numbers of consumers here. Law enforcing agencies too appear to have failed to keep a check on the violations, which can cost hundreds of lives and property within seconds.
“Rules prescribe carrying capacity, basic safety measures for vehicles carrying LPG refills as a minor lapse can spell disaster in a flash. However, overloading of vehicles like Pick-up Vans with cooking gas refills, transport of LPG cylinders on autos continues unabated in the city. Heavy rush can be noticed every day outside LPG distributing agencies in the city with vehicles both private and public lined-up. But safety measures are never followed at least in vehicles carrying the inflammable commodity in bulk. For instance, in a pick-up van, more than 50 cylinders are transported even without fastening them properly so as to avoid any tip out, which can prove disastrous. It’s high time the authorities wake up from slumber and ensure strict adherence to the safety guidelines to prevent any major mishap,” said some residents of Junglighat. (EOIC)