Forensic training course for police personnel

Port Blair
18 Jun 2018

The Police Training School, Prothrapur, A & N Islands has organized a two-day course on “Forensic Science, DNA profiling in Criminal Investigation, Collection of Finger Print and Evidence at Crime Scene” from 08/06/2018 to 09/06/2018 for in-service Police personnel from the rank of Constables to Inspector under the overall supervision of Smti. Usha Rangnani, Principal, PTS, Prothrapur. The main objective of the course is to improve the investigation skills of Police personnel in criminal cases and to impart knowledge of crime scene management and importance of the protection of evidentiary material in criminal cases. The course was inaugurated by Mr R.K. Sharma, Inspector Admn., PTS. During the course Dr. Yogesh, Senior Scientific Officer, Mr Shivendra Pratap Singh, Mr P. Patil, Mr Bharat Kumar Jhapte, Senior Scientific Assistant and SI T.K. William, I/C Finger Print of FSL, Port Blair had delivered informative lectures on the topics, like Forensic Science, Crime Scene Management and submission of exhibits to FSL and collection of Medical Evidence, Concept of DNA Analysis, role of DNA profiling in criminal investigation and its importance. Altogether, 11 Police personnel of various Police Station/Units participated in this course. Mr K. Michal Raj, Vice Principal, PTS concluded the training programme on emphasizing the objectives/overviews of the course and its thorough implementation.