Fruit and vegetable show at ITF ground today

Port Blair
10 Jan 2017
As part of Island Tourism Festival 2017, the Department of Agriculture in association with Agricultural Technology Management Agency will be organizing ‘Fruit and Vegetable Show’ in the ITF ground today.  During the Fruit and Vegetable Show, competitions will be held for various categories viz. cucurbits and gourds (bitter gourd/snake gourd/bottle gourd/pumpkin/pointed gourd/kundru/cucumber/ridge gourd/sponge gourd; Cole crops (cabbage/knolkhol/cauliflower/broccoli; beans (French beans/cluster beans); lobia (cowpea); bhindi; tuber crops (yam/elephant foot yam/sweet potato/colocasia; solanaceous (brinjal/tomato/chilli/capsicum); jack fruit and bread fruit; mushroom; pandanus; fruits (banana/Guava/papaya/wood apple/annona species/pine apple/mango/passion fruit/carambola/amla/goose berry/elephant apple/star apple/velvet apple/cherry/pomegranate/sapota/watermelon/musk melon/durian/rambutan/dragon fruit/toddy palm; citrus fruit (Lemon/musambi/ orange/pomelo/grape fruit; potted plants (vegetable and fruits).
The farmers/participants who wish to participate in the competitions can display their quality exhibits and get recognition through awards.
For further details, one can contact Mr R. Y. Singh. Joint Director (Agri), South Andaman, Nodal Officer Fruit and Vegetable Show, Directorate of Agriculture at mobile no. 9474227073/232627/232580.